We are among the most experienced and reputed companies, operating in Oman since 1983. Our brand is synonymous for safety, quality and reliability. We work across many sectors and clients throughout Oman.

Our values and culture seek to support the communities we work in and ensure a more sustainable future. With this in mind, suitability skilled and experienced Omani nationals will get preference over expatriate applicants for any job opening being advertised. Expatriate talent is sourced when matching skills are not locally available.

We not only Hire from Our country Oman, but we also Hire from Asian Countries Like India, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka and European countries.

We provide all the basic comforts to our employees which make the feel welcome and comfortable Environment of Working for Expats.

Note : Details on Current Openings and career opportunities contact us at careers@alzahraalgafar.com

Any NON - Omani Citizen from outside Oman,applying for a Job in Oman with Our organization are Hired only through their Home Country Registered Consultants Only.

"Currently we are Hiring" .

Due to COVID 19 Pandemic we are conducting On Call Interviews which are being conducted through our Skype International Number Only "Our Interview Line number is "+15185520252" .

WHY Al Zahra Al Gafar GROUP?

Al Zahra is committed to providing market competitive pay and benefit packages to attract, retain and motivate the valuable employees whose contributions help the company succeed year after year. Below is a general overview of pay and benefits offered globally.



Pay is perhaps the most visible part of Al Zahra Al Gafar compensation package. Highly competitive salaries enable Caterpillar to attract and retain talented employees while our pay for performance philosophy motivates employees and rewards them for the achievement of results. In addition to salary, incentive plans represent a key component of compensation at Al Zahra Al Gafar and reward employees based on the company’s success on critical performance measures.



Al Zahra Al Gafar recognizes the significant contributions that our employees make to our success by providing benefit packages which are highly competitive in local markets. Note: Benefit packages vary by location with more details provided through the recruiting process.



Al Zahra Al Gafar is dedicated to the health and wellness of our employees and their families. Our wellness services focus on supporting health and well being, both at work and home. Through education and other resources, we can assist employees in understanding how they can improve their health and get enough exercise, eat a balanced diet and manage a busy lifestyle.



Al Zahra Al Gafar Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides professional assistance in addressing personal problems that may affect employee health, productivity and well being. This confidential, voluntary benefit is offered free of charge to employees and their dependent family members. Information, counseling and referrals are available to address a variety of work-life issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, substance abuse, work performance issues, child/elder care needs, legal and financial problems.